Worried about power cut during the final?


Our aim is to offer a full automatic energy management system, enabling you full control over all kind of high power consuming products.

We have found a better, easier and efficient way of doing this, by combining Internet Technology, with a special Wireless Network, Databases and Auto-mated Meter Readings (AMR).

Let one’s mind wander …

Earth-Alert.jpgThe Energy situation in the world is becoming more and more difficult. Our next global energy crises will start right after the end of the current economical crises. Currently, the worldwide demand for energy is very low and we have enough capacities to supply the slow growing industry. The price of energy at present, presents an incorrect picture. We pay far much more than before….

After a rising energy demand, we will still have enough capacity to feed a fast growing economy, but only for a limited period. The price we pay for energy will climb up to astronomical levels. Our resources are not endless. Sure, we will find other ways to produce energy. But, the easiest, cost effective and environmentally friendliest way is to save our current resources. Everybody should be able do this - this means, everybody should be in charge of our mother-earth.
The human species is part of all creatures on earth and, its behaviour is like all other creatures. Natural creatures have their special habits. For instance, an Impala goes every day the same way to his preferred water dam. It is not easy to teach it other different ways of reaching the same dam, because it is not so comfortable to walk a longer way. We, as the most intelligent creatures on earth, are also enslaved by non-creative and wasteful  habits.
Energy saving is not a personal need. The power comes through the plug or the A/C switch. Yes, we can switch off the A/C, but we have to use a much more efficient and reliable way to switch off the A/C before we leave our residences and offices. Our excuse: Sorry, I forgot … means I forgot to switch off the A/C or means I forgot, I am responsible for my environment for the future of my kid’s? I don’t like to blame, I don’t like to point fingers to my fellows humans. I am part of humankind and I also make excuses: Sorry, I forgot …

I, as an engineer, have an obligation, because I have the tools to help others to stop making excuses: Sorry, I forgot…. Together with a very skilled team of professionals, we developed an intelligent energy management system, I-Energy.

Be aware of the following amazing possibility to protect the environment, our mother earth, next generation kids, yourself … and the Impala.

                             Joerg Ploetz Dipl. Ing.

, Feb 2009

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