sa_flag.jpgThe power crisis in South Africa is serious and we have to deal with it. It will take at least 3 years to build new power stations and to refurbish the power grid. The only way to support the new developments and the existing private and economical sector is to shift and save power. The new technologies for power generation are helpful, but unfortunately too expensive.

Our solution provides assistance in implementing energy saving measures . We have developed an automated system that enables shifting the energy from peak times to none peak times. Furthermore, our system helps control power consumption and can prevent energy wastage during times when there is little  need for A/C’s, geysers or other equipment.

The system can be automatically programmed from the control-operator of a building, and the operator will at all times be able to react accordingly.

DMS - Demand Side Management

“When a utility that supplies electricity influences the way of use by customers this activity is known as Demand Side Management (DMS).
DMS is the process by which electricity utilities achieve predictable changes in customer demand, which can be considered as alternatives to the provision of additional generation plants.”              
Source: Sanyai Patel - Eskom

The I-Energy System is the perfect tool to fit in two of the preferred tools for DMS from Eskom – load SHEDDING and load SHIFTING.

I-Energy - Intelligent Energy Management System

box.jpgWith I-Energy the main aim is to help the consumers to manage theirelectricity consumption, particularly during peak periods, with costsavings for customers and the utility. The DSM programme mainlyconsists of energy efficiency and load management projects.

Themanagement of consumption, load and demand through the I-Energysolution can contribute towards the reduction of power wastage,excessive consumption and inefficient load balancing. This in returnwill contribute towards improving our status as a country that isdriving towards lowering the emission of greenhouse gasses according tothe Kyoto Protocol targets.

Property Management agents canachieve another notch towards achieving, transforming their commercial,industrial and residential properties portfolios’ green status.

I-EnergySolution is key tools to enable the ESCO Methodology that will helputility companies like Eskom implement the DSM process. Energyefficiency and load management projects are implemented and managed viaa third-party (the ESCO) and savings resulting from the interventionare shared between the host site, Eskom and the ESCO in approximatelyequal proportions. Thus the implementation of the I-energy solutionwill contribute toward savings generated through the enablement of the ESCO Methodology.

The I-Energy solution contributes towards efficient power management by:

By allowing the utilities service providers and the consumer with thecapability to:
  • Loadmanagement
  • Demand sideManagement
  • ConsumptionControl
  • Access via the internet to consumption,load and demand side management information for control and statuspurposes
  • Automating the consumption, load anddemand side management processes.
  • Provide selectiveoptions to deal with the consumption, load and demand side managementinterventions.
  • Operate the I-energy solution acrossan intelligent wireless network platform with end user control nodesthat can operate with energy input or be self powered over a 5yearperiod in the absence of power.
  • The intelligentnetwork will notify the utility service provider of any outage causedby vandalism, human interference or acts of nature. Tamper proofsensors and device can be connected at street level to deter illegalaccess to the distribution box located in street level. The intelligentnetwork sensors can then notify the utility service provider of thebreach.
  • Determine where illegal connections arerunning from and the consumption lost within a short time after theillegal connection is done.
  • Provides accessto:
  • 4 types of home based labeled appliances (Plugs,Pool Pumps, Stove & Fridges, and Lights) that can be controlledindividually via automated relays.
  • 100 homes from acontrol gateway that can communicate with the nodes located in adistribution box at street level to control homes individually and theappliances within them.
  • Sub Stations to controlstreet level distribution boards for streets andsuburbs.
  • Main power stations that will control substations and every device that links to it.
  • Performenergy audits
  • Input consumption information andstatus data into the billing and financialsystems.
  • The implementation of the I-EnergySolution will:
  • Help promote education and awareness aroundconsumption, load and demand side management to both the utilityservice providers and the consumers including environmentalissues.
  • The interactive website will allowconsumers to access to information and control their home based labeledappliances.
  • A mobility feature can be installed tocater for mobile access for consumers so they can minimise crime orsafety concerns during their time spent away from their home bymanually doing the following:
  • Switch off or switch on homebased labeled appliances
  • Confirm their consumptiononline and the meter readers will no longer need to access private orcommercial properties for E-Billingpurposes.       
  • Allow for remote re-connections and disconnectionfor consumers that are in arrears without the tampering of the physicalwired infrastructure.

Detailed information

info.jpgYou find more information in our Flyer, which you can download here. (2,9MB)